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RCA Salutes LPO at IPA

Idaho Pour Authority is holding a special event for us from September 21, 2020 until October 4, 2020 at their craft beer store located at 203 Cedar Street in Sandpoint. We hope you can stop by during the next two weeks … Read More »

Local Companies Invited to ‘Declare Concern’

If you have a local business, the proposed Rock Creek Mine poses a special hazard to you – and your employees. Everyone who enjoys Lake Pend Oreille – whether for swimming, fishing, boating or wildlife – stands to lose from … Read More »

Join Us For Our 2018 Annual Party!

The Rock Creek Alliance is holding its annual party on Friday, August 17, 2018 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Evan’s Brothers Coffee Roasters at 524 Church Street in Sandpoint. Come with friends, questions, and a good thirst!  We’ll give … Read More »

RCA Launches New Ad Campaign

“Help us prevent a mining disaster. Our lake is at stake.” That’s the Rock Creek Alliance message as we enlists citizens to raise their voices against the Rock Creek Mine in a full page ad in the current Summer 2016 … Read More »

Comment Period For Draft SEIS

The Draft Supplemental EIS (DSEIS) for the proposed Rock Creek mine has been released for public comment by the Kootenai National Forest. If you are a long-term resident, you are probably familiar with this proposal and remember the controversial public … Read More »

Urgent Action Needed

Comment on the Supplemental Final EIS. The Forest Service’s Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Rock Creek mine is up for public comment. The mine, if approved, will pose grave threats to water quality in Lake Pend Oreille just downstream, and have massive impacts on the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness.

We have only until April 19th, 2016 to comment. Take action now >>

Missoulian editorial on the Rock Creek mine

Protect the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness from Mining Missoulian Guest Column By Mary Crowe Costello September 17, 2014 There has been a lot of press concerning the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Montana has a rich wilderness history and it’s … Read More »

Revett Begins Troy Mine Work as Company Reincorporates in U.S.

The Troy mine is owned by Revett Minerals, the same company that owns the rights to the proposed Rock Creek mine. The Troy mine is located approximately 20 air miles from the proposed Rock Creek site, and has been used … Read More »

Montana Supreme Court blocks construction of Rock Creek mine

The Montana Supreme Court voided a key water quality permit for the proposed Rock Creek Mine on Monday, holding that the state’s use of a permitting shortcut would not sufficiently protect Rock Creek’s threatened bull trout population, a resource of … Read More »