Local Companies Invited to ‘Declare Concern’

If you have a local business, the proposed Rock Creek Mine poses a special hazard to you – and your employees.

Everyone who enjoys Lake Pend Oreille – whether for swimming, fishing, boating or wildlife – stands to lose from the severe threat the proposed mine poses to the lake water quality and health.

But local businesses stand to lose doubly should the mine be permitted. Scores of businesses here depend on the lake to attract their customers and contribute to our superb quality of life that helps attract and retain employees. For these businesses, the mine may damage not only this outstanding ecological and recreational treasure – but their very livelihood.

For this reason the Rock Creek Alliance, joined by more than a dozen local companies, is inviting other local businesses to sign on to a “Declaration of Concern” that underscores not only the potential environmental harm of the mine – but its potential economic impacts as well.

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